Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Right, Well Then..

Why, it must be asked, have I chosen this particular moment to produce a new blog? Because I should be revising, obviously. And as any good student knows, you use any excuse not to be doing so.

My revision so far is as follows: Open Vander's physiology.. Fiddle with the pages.. Figure out which bit is relevant... Wander off and return three days later having done nothing productive. I've managed a whole 4 pages worth of notes during the the TWO weeks I have been home. I also have an SSC due next week, which I have yet to even look at let alone start. But it's only a poster, right? How hard can it be?!

I do have an excuse though - I do work between 25-35 hours a week, it's not like I'm just sitting on my arse all day!

I am hopeless at motivating myself. Why bother working when I could be doing anything else EVER. Being ill certainly isn't helping - hopefully that'll improve soon.

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